ArSta eco

 The provisions of food, water & energy are the preconditions to a civilized society: they are necessary factors for the survival of human LIFE. Sustainable resource usage is the key in meeting needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to also do so. To WASTE now is to WANT later.At ArSta eco  we believe by integrating modern technology with ancient techniques we will be able to “GET MORE FROM LESS”

What We Do??

ArSta eco has developed innovative technology to convert Biomass to carbon negative energy cocmponents, BioCarbon and BioChemicals. The ArSta eco integrated technology process model ensure that we are able to derive multiple products from a single feedstock thereby ensuring full utilization. We believe this is unique among peers who opt for single product approaches.
The technology that we have developed is versatile to take multiple feed-stock with varying physical and chemical composition but still ensure high grade end products.By focusing on both our back end supply chain and forward delivery logistics we are able to deliver efficiency leading to economic pricing to our end users. The products that we sell are Renewable Energy, Biochar, Barbecue Charcoal Briquettes and Bio Vinegar.

Our Products


C L E A N O V A T O R S!

Outstanding projects from the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme - India