About ArSta eco


ArSta eco is an eco company with the mission to build and integrate modern technology with traditional techniques in a sustainable model . The production of Clean Energy, Organic Fertilizer inputs, Water Treatment materials are interlinked in a closed loop at the point of consumption such that the net carbon footprint is negative.
India produces in excess of 500 Million tons per year of agricultural residue and little use is made of this residual waste matter. ArSta eco has developed an integrated technology process model to efficiently convert the Agri residue into clean , solid and gaseous energy sources and organic biochar. Developing regions like India, blighted by unhealthy, unsustainable, expensive cooking fuel availability poor land drainage, poor farming techniques, restricted or intermittent power availability, lend themselves well to utilizing the many benefits from optimizing Agri waste utilization.
ArSta eco offer a holistic approach to clients presenting one stop shop experiences to the many issues described above yet deliverable in a fully sustainable,environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner.