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Coco peat is a by-product which is left over from the milling of coconut husks to obtain the fibers. Coco peat which was earlier disposed as a waste product has become a popular growing medium due to its unique features. Coco Peat growing mediums over the years have proven itself to be a huge success & have acquired a market share in the growing medium trade superseding many other mediums performing beyond expectation.

Today coco peat growing medium have become one of the most sort after & versatile growing medium that can be applied to any variety of plant both in agriculture, horticulture & floriculture. Coco peat or pith are similar to saw dust and are available in abundance in nature. In order to facilitate easy logistics it is conveniently compressed into blocks of various sizes. Normally they come in 650 grams bricks and bales of five kilo and ten kilo blocks.

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Coco peat Blocks ArSta Eco Coco peat Specifications
ArSta Eco Coco peat Packing 5 kg blocks
Coco Peat Block dimension (+2cm) 30x30x10 cm
Unit weight ( +3%) 5 kg
Moisture Content in Peat Block 10 – 15 %
Compression ratio for Peat Blocks 5: 1
Dehydrated yield 1litre 75 litres
ArSta Eco Coco peat Packing Palletized stretch wrapped and strapped / Non palletized bare block loading on container floor


Cocopeat briquettes ArSta Eco Coco peat Specifications
ArSta Eco Cocopeat Packing 650grams
Brick Dimension (+ 0.5 m) 20 x 10 x 5cm
Unit weight (+ 3 %) 650 grams
Moisture Content 10 – 15 %
Compression ratio 8:1
Dehydrated yield 1litre 9 litres
ArSta Eco Cocopeat Packing


Palletized stretch wrapped and strapped / Non palletized bare bricks loading on container floor