At ArSta eco we offer biochar based soil improves for all your agriculture and horticulture needs. Our Products improve the physical structure of soil, increase its water holding capacity, increase nutrient retention and enhance plant growth.

What is Biochar?

What is it good for?
Biochar is the byproduct of Biomass pyrolysis that you can add to soil*
*Biochar: A solid material obtained from thermochemical conversion of biomass in an oxygen-limited environment. (IBI, 2012)
Biochar Definition and Properties
• Biochar is biomass that is thermally altered in the absence of oxygen. It is byproduct of Pyrolysis/Gasification of Biomass
• Heat transforms plants carbon (found in cellulose and lignin) into fused aromatic carbon rings that are very stable
• Biochar made from different feedstocks at different temperatures can have very different physical and chemical properties

Bio Char

Bio Char

Biochar is charcoal like substance made from the high temperature treatment of biomass in a low oxygen environment containing at least 60% carbon – this is conducted via a thermal process known as ‘pyrolysis’.
Pyrolysis produces biochar at temperatures much higher than ordinary charcoal, giving the biochar special properties hat are targeted for making soils healthy.

Bio Char

how will it help your soil?

• Increases Inorganic and organic soil carbon
• Improves Plant growth
• Improves soil fertility and soil health, reducing fertilizer requirements
• Increase water and nutrient holding capacity of the soil
• Provides a home for beneficial soil microbes including mycorrhizal fungi
• Puts carbon back into the soil-locking up atmospheric carbon
• Increases soil cation exchange capacity and soil pH
• Can be added to compost and mulches to stimulate microbial activity
• Can be blended with fertilizers to improve availability and reduce loss

Biochar and Soils

Soil benefits – Biochar can replace depleted Soil Organic Carbon (SOC)

Biochar Benefits to Soils

  • Increase Soil Carbon levels
  • Improve fertilizer use efficiency
  • Decrease toxicity of aluminum and other metals
  • Increase water holding capacity of the soil
  • Improve soil conditions for micro and macro soil life forms (bacteria, fungi, earthworms)
  • Moderate (usually increase) soil PH
  • Decrease tensile strength and bulk density of soil (easier tillage)

Refuge for Roots
Bio Char