Our Products

We manufacture charcoal briquettes form agricultural residue mostly coconut shell, that burn longer, do not spark, there is no odour and no smoke.
ArSta eco Biochar briquettes comes in three shapes-Pillow, Oval and Hexagonal. Pillow and Oval Shaped briquettes are roll formed and the Hexagonal briquettes are extruded. The process of manufacturing briquettes is as follows.

  1. Collection of agricultural residue feedstock.
  2. Segregating and grading
  3. Drying
  4. Carbonizing
  5. Pulverizing
  6. Mixing with Binder and forming
  7. Drying
  8. Packing

Our Biochar briquettes comes in the following two specifications.
Our charcoal briquettes stand out from the competition because of the following reasons.

  1. Feed-stock is all agricultural farm residue and is renewable and sustainable
  2. Our carbonization process using our proprietary  reactor is environmentally clean with no greenhouse gas emissions. The entire process is carbon negative.
  3. The quality of the carbonized biomass is of very high grade with fixed carbon in excess of 72% and very low ash.
  4. We use a natural starch binder and there are no chemical additives
  5. We have a two stage drying process which ensure a bone dry product.

ArSta eco Grade A briquette

Feedstock : 100% coconut shell Biochar

Fized carbon :> 70%

Ash: < 5%

Moisture :< 9%

We supply the above grade of briquettes in all the three shapes – Pillow, oval and Hexagonal. The Price of our briquettes depends on the shape and the grade

ArSta Eco Grade B briquette

Feedstock: Agri Residue Biochar

Fixed Carbon: > 65%

Ash: < 10%

Moisture: <9%

Hexagonal Charcoal Briquettes

Pillow Charcoal Briquettes